Studio Pezza

Studio Pezza s.r.l. operates in the field of water and waste water treatment since, in the 1970’s, environmental questions consistently began to come to the attention of lawmakers and the Italian public authority. From the very onset, the opportunity to combine project planning with operations for important wastewater and water treatment plants led to focusing on significant experience in methods and technology, which continued to grow over time.Attention given to international experience in the field, both with the use of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineering) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) manuals as well as frequent trips abroad on behalf of the Direzione Generale Cooperazione allo Sviluppo (Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs) enabled the firm to develop its own original project planning models, always mindful of practical results, striving for the most appropriate of tested and solidly effective technologies. The end result is what is the most important for any engineering work: optimizing costs and benefits.In addition, it should be noted that Studio Pezza has always taken a global approach: planning processes, hydraulics, statics and geo-techniques in compliance with the most up-to-date regulations (NTC 2008) which facilitates the overall optimization of the project results. In conclusion , in recent years , the firm has adopted the latest sophisticated software for models, graphics and 3D (Building Information Modeling: BIM), in order to create digital models complete with all the details of the work to be realized.

Lucio Pezza

Ing. Lucio Pezza, Technical Director and founder of the firm Studio Pezza srl, earned his degree in Civil Hydraulic Engineering from the Università Federico II of Naples in 1970 and earned his specialization in Sanitary Engineering from the same university the following year. During the course of his lengthy professional career, he has always taken an interest in the technology involved in water treatment, whether as designer or as technical director (or consultant) for the management, control and maintenance of treatment plants. In 2004 he was called upon to be a member of the Superior Board of Public Works, Second Section, Hydraulic Works. In 2011 he was called upon to hold a series of lectures at the Università dell’Aquila, Department of Chemical Plants. At the present time he is a consultant for GAIA S.p.A. ( Ente Gestore Servizio Idrico Integrato ATO1 Toscana Nord) as well as other agencies and private firms.